What Time Can I Mow My Lawn in Australia?

Discover legal lawn mowing times across Australian states with our guide on ‘What Time Can I Mow My Lawn in Australia?‘ Ensure you’re mowing without disturbing your neighbours

When mowing your lawn in Australia, knowing the right time to start your lawn mower is not just about courtesy but also legality. Each state in Australia has specific regulations that dictate when you can and cannot mow your lawn, mainly to avoid noise disturbance. Understanding the time to mow your lawn can help you plan your lawn care activities without causing inconvenience to your neighbours or risking a fine.

Understanding Noise Regulations in Australia

Before we delve into the specific times for each state, it’s essential to understand that lawn mowing falls under the noise regulations covered by environmental laws. These laws are meant to prevent noise that can affect the quality of life of people within a community. Therefore, adhering to these rules is a legal obligation and a part of being a considerate neighbour.

When Can I Mow My Lawn According To Law?

New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) dictates that power tools and equipment like lawn mowers can be used:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 8 AM to 8 PM

It’s advisable to double-check with your local council as additional regulations may be in place.


In Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority allows the following times for lawn mowing:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 9 AM to 8 PM

Local councils may have slightly different regulations, so a quick call to your local government can provide specific guidelines.


The Queensland government specifies noise control times for equipment used on residential premises, which include:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 8 AM to 7 PM

Residents should ensure they are not operating noisy equipment outside these times.

South Australia

In South Australia, the Environment Protection Authority has established the following times to mow your lawn:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 9 AM to 8 PM

Western Australia

In Western Australia, lawn mowing times are regulated as follows:

  • Weekdays and Saturdays: 7 AM to 7 PM
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: 9 AM to 7 PM

These times are designed to ensure that weekends and public holidays remain relatively free of noise.


In Tasmania, the regulations state that you can use equipment like lawn mowers:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 10 AM to 6 PM

Tasmania tends to have stricter regulations to preserve the tranquillity of its environment.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In the ACT, the permitted times for noise from lawn mowers are:

  • Weekdays: 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 8 AM to 8 PM

Residents of the ACT should observe these times strictly to comply with local noise regulations.

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, the best time to mow the lawn for residents:

  • Every day: 7 AM to 7 PM

The NT provides a uniform rule for every day of the week.

Benefits Of Mowing Your Lawn

Frequent mowing doesn’t make your lawn look nice; it also affects its well-being and functioning. 

Enhances Lawn Health 

Often cutting contributes to the uniform distribution of available resources (light, water, and food) across your lawn. Each cutting causes the grass to become denser, creating a greenhouse effect and making the lawn healthier. This could be the tapering off of a weedy crop as well. 

Uniform Growth 

Mowing regularly gives you an even grass cover, leading to healthy, vigorous grass development. Uniform grass diminishes the effect of any pressed area, resulting in an elongating lawn life.  

Mulching Benefits 

The majority of modern mowers offer mulching, which works by cutting the grass blades into fine pieces and distributing them back over the lawn surface. Such clippings may be organic fertiliser, a great way to supply the lawn with those much-needed nutrients. 

Weed Reduction 

Properly cutting weeds at regular intervals reduces their seeding by removing the stems from which they disperse the seeds. A lawn that is regularly mowed will have fewer weeds after some years have passed because of the long-term effect of the dense grass stopping the weeds from growing and spreading.  

Pest Reduction 

A well-kept lawn is a habitat far less appealing to pests and bugs. As they may grow, wild tall grasses can’t only be a ground for pests like rats and insects, but they can also threaten your lawn. 

Improves Recovery

Regular mowing expedites grasses’ adaptation to drought, disease, and pest invasion challenges. The grass is maintained at its best height to support health and proper nutrient absorption. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

A well-manicured lawn can generate such visual effects, dramatically enhancing the curb appeal of your home, which may be equivalent to an increase in its market value. It is also responsible for the desired effect of refined splendour for your outdoor area.  


Mowing the lawn is essential since it clears the grass of mowable debris and reduces risks connected with pest infestation or uneven surfaces. That is especially true in houses with children or elderly vulnerable to fall risk exposure. 

Encourages Outdoor Activities 

The well-kept lawn is more appealing and supports outdoor activity with friends and family. It promotes a sense of community by providing grounds for barbecues, games, and other outdoor activities. 

Tips for Mowing Your Lawn Respectfully

  • Check Local Regulations: Always verify the local noise regulations with your council to avoid fines.
  • Maintain Your Equipment: Ensure your lawn mower is well-maintained to reduce noise levels.
  • Communicate with Neighbours: If you plan to mow your lawn outside of typical hours for a valid reason, informing your neighbours can help avoid complaints.
  • Consider Quiet Mowers: Electric mowers tend to be quieter than their gas-powered counterparts and are worth considering if you live in a densely populated area.


Mowing your lawn at the right time isn’t just about enforcing the law; it’s about being considerate of those around you. By adhering to the specific time to mow your lawn, you contribute to the peace and comfort of your community while keeping your lawn neat. Always check the specific regulations in your area, as they can vary slightly between different councils.