Interested in Starting Your Own Jim’s Mowing Franchise?

Jim’s Mowing is recognisable name all over Australia and New Zealand – one that thousands of people turn to every year for their garden maintenance needs. And now, we want you to join the franchise family.

As a Jim’s Mowing franchise owner, you will have all the flexibility and freedom of running your own business, but with the added help of joining a company with an already stellar reputation. Unlike starting your own business from scratch, our franchisees can enjoy immediate success by offering our state of the art gardening and lawn mowing services throughout their suburb, city or region.

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How to buy a Jim’s franchise for sale

There are a wide range of options for people who would like to run their own franchise. You can buy a brand-new business, purchase one from an existing owner or even buy a split portion of a current franchise. These range of options make it easier than ever to start running your own business regardless of what your financial situation is.

Here at Jim’s Mowing, the process of buying a franchise can be done in 8 simple, streamlined steps. These are:

Step 1: Register to get The Franchise Information Kit.

Step 2: Book a time that suits you to have a one-on-one consultation over a coffee with The Franchisor.

Step 3: Spend a day on the job with a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee.

Step 4: Discuss with The Franchisor your business options.

Step 5: Meet Jim and complete the training course in Melbourne.

Step 6: Arrange your ABN, Police Check, PO Box and Bank Account information.

Step 7: Organise to have documents issued on the business you wish to purchase.

Step 8: Sign Up, start your business & begin earning money from day 1.

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How much does a Jim’s Mowing franchise cost?

While prices vary depending on which franchise option you choose to invest in, Jim’s Mowing is proud to offer Australians an affordable way to start a business and create their own success. Your buy-in cost covers everything from creating the business structure to marketing your services, setting up software, fleet discounts on new cars and much more.

When compared to starting a business from scratch – which often comes with overheads, contractual difficulties and stressful periods of having no work – Jim’s Mowing is an excellent way to combine the freedom of running your own business with the ease of joining a successful brand.

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