Your local ‘Jim’ can provide a regular or one off lawn mowing service, freeing up your time for the more important things in life, like relaxing with friends and family.

Discover top-tier lawn mowing services and garden maintenance with Jim’s Mowing. Schedule your professional lawn maintenance service today or book online for expert, reliable solutions.

The Lawn Mowing Service at Jim’s Mowing, Melbourne  

It is our pride to present Jim’s Mowing,Melbourne, a top-grade lawn care service provider. We realise that a good and friendly lawn is sometimes necessary. When it comes to lawn mowing services, a team of highly motivated professionals dedicated to bringing you only the best is at your service. 

Jim’s Mowing is Australia’s largest and most trusted lawn mowing and gardening service. We offer everything from one-time cuts for new tenant move-ins to regular maintenance. Whether you’re away on holiday or need ongoing garden care, we provide tailored solutions to meet all your needs.

Why Choose Jim’s Mowing?

  • Jim’s Group Work Guarantee: We assure quality and reliability assurance in every job.
  • Professional Team: Our fully trained, insured, and police-checked staff ensures your property is treated with the utmost care.
  • Expert Lawn Care Service: Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of lawn and garden care, from weeding and pest control to soil management and turf repair.
  • We offer ride-on Mowing and grass slashing for properties with expansive outdoor areas, ideal for rural or industrial locations. 
  • Commercial clients can benefit from our flexible scheduling, including after-hours services, to minimise disruption.

Experience the difference with Jim’s Lawn Mowing, where professional cuts, expert trimming, and detailed edging enhance the beauty and health of your lawn and garden.

How Jim’s Lawn Mowing Services Are Different from Other Mowing Services 

We are devoted to providing a complete package of lawn mowing services that includes keeping your yard in good shape, healthy and glossy.  

Professional Staff 

Our company’s team consists of specialists with great professionalism and experience. They can distinguish risky lawn operations from safe ones. Furthermore, we are each given the best tools and the latest information needed to handle any lawn, regardless of size or condition.  

Customised Lawn Care Plans 

We acknowledge that every yard is unique. That is why we provide customised lawn mowing treatment solutions to address your lawn’s potentially unique needs.

Environmentally Friendly Practices 

Sustainability forms the soul of our lawn-mowing business operations. We utilise green mowers and natural products that don’t harm kids, pets, or the environment. Thanks to our regenerative approaches, your lawn will thrive on all sides.  

Our Lawn Mowing Process 

  • Assessment: Our professionals start by evaluating the size of your lawn and the exact issues you are facing with it, such as high weed growth or the appearance of bare patches of soil. 
  • Mowing: Using the most up-to-date tools, we walk your grass area at a suitable height to promote healthy grass growth and avoid pests and diseases. 
  • Edging: We use our edges along driveways, walkways, and garden borders, which helps to give your lawn a clean-cut look. 
  • Clipping Disposal: We do not leave grass clippings on your lawn unless you ask us to. If you would like the grass clippings recycled, we will use mulching. 

Our Lawn Care Services 

1. Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing is a professional service in which the grass is cut to the right height, an important factor in ensuring lawn health and appealing appearance. Constant trimming keeps pests and diseases away and promotes vigorous, thick vegetation by providing an equal distribution of nutrients throughout the lawn. 

 2. Rotary Mowing 

Rotary Mowing employs a high-speed rotating blade to shear the grass. This method is beneficial for lawns with irregular or uneven surfaces. This grass lawn mowing service is specially designed for cutting tall grass, which is less likely to be stuck by twigs or other garbage.  

3. Ride-on Mowing

Ride-on mowing is perfect if you have a lot of grass, like a sports field or big lawn. This equipment allows the operator to ride a mower like a small car, allowing for faster and more comfortable mowing over a large area.  

4. Cylinder Mowing 

Cylinder mowing uses blades that rotate vertically to provide a scissor-like cut, which suits fine-blade grasses. This method is especially good for close-cut lawns, which may be on golf courses or in formal gardens.  

5. Vacant Block Slashing 

During block slashing, grass in vacant lots is managed to minimise fire hazards and maintain the property’s external appearance. Slashing entails mowing down tall weeds and scrubs by employing heavy-duty mowers, making it an effective method for dealing with overgrown places that ordinary mowers cannot take care of.

Need Professional Lawn Mowing Services and Garden Maintenance?

Contact Jim’s Mowing at 131 546 or book online today for expert lawn care and garden maintenance services tailored to your needs. 

If you lack the time, tools, or expertise to care for your lawns and gardens, Jim’s Mowing is here to help. Search for lawn mowing services near me or Contact us for potential same-day services, depending on our availability.


We generally recommend mowing your lawn once a week during the growing season. Nevertheless, depending on your lawn’s situation and wishes, we can alter the frequency. 

Jim’s Mowing provides a wide range of gardening services, including fertilisation, weed control, pest control, lawn aeration, and more. We offer all the amenities you need to keep your lawn in good shape.

All our items are environmentally friendly and applicable for pets and kids. The health of your grass should not be at the expense of your family’s safety.   

Yes, our seasonal packages take care of your lawns’ needs at every point of the year. These packages are developed to be comprehensive and configured to the different challenges each season poses.

The precise price of your mowing services will be determined by the size of your lawn, the frequency of service, and any other additional services you may need. Could you fill out the quote form on our website? Our experts ensure cheap lawn mowing services.